Laravel 5.3 based CMS.


Let me show you my project that I'm working on a while. It's a content management system created with Laravel 5.3 and Bootstrap and I just released the first alpha release!

Some features:

  • Themes (blade support comes later)
  • Plugins
  • Installing from browser
  • OneClick update
  • User management with Roles
  • Blogging

Check out and tell me what you think!


ttimot24 replied 3 months ago

HorizontCMS v1.0.0-alpha.5 is released!

It's been a while since the last release. A lot of things changed!


Theme render token mismatch bug fixed
SQLite support fixed
Plugin system loading redesigned, more secure
Widget resolving stabilized
Log viewer introduced
Performance is much better
BASE_URL removed, BaseUrlMiddleware added
ModuleAutoloader service provider
Website helper is much precise and faster
Thumbnail creation on image upload
Cleaner code and tests

Composer update required!

Update and find out more, with only one click from HorizontCMS Update Center!

See the wiki or readme for more details.

Install sample plugin: GoogleMaps from HCMS app store.

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