Bagisto v0.1.4 Laravel eCommerce Package Released

Bagisto posted 6 months ago

We are proud to announce, Bagisto has released it's first major update as v0.1.4. Apart from critical bug fixes, it's the new features that have made the headlines and simplified the way you can create your own eCommerce shop in Laravel.

Major updates as included are:

  1. Support to Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

  2. Enhanced Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

  3. GUI Installer

  4. Implementation of Product Flat

For more info on updates, you can visit the link here: Bagisto v0.1.4 Major Release Announced

Download Bagisto v0.1.4 Release:

Check Bagisto Demo:

Check Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace Demo:

manali replied 6 months ago

Great information here. Thank you. Please the article regarding Java!

Sammy replied 6 months ago

Great news! I think this platform will be useful both for individual developers and for software development companies that work with eCommerce industry and use Laravel in their projects. This technology came more popular with every year

Bagisto replied 6 months ago

Right Sammy. With the new release it's very easy to set up and manage eCommerce Shop for the Laravel Community. Most importantly, Multi-Warehouse Inventory which has been most sought feature of every merchants is coming out of the box with Bagisto.

We are also going to launch Laravel POS soon. For more details, you can check our roadmap for the features that we are soon coming up with.

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