Feedback: Laravel or a CMS?

Hello everyone.

I would love to have your feedback regarding whether you would absolutely use Laravel over an existing CMS when doing restaurant websites which is barely close to having static contents. I mean it's just a website that displays the restaurant's menu and locations. No online ordering or reservation features and menu prices seldom changes. About once or twice a year.

Well, I just want to know if in real-world scenarios you would go straight with Laravel and probably make a simple admin panel to add/edit items or you'd rather do the project with a ready-made CMS.

I feel like doing it with Laravel but a part of me is saying that this type of websites seems to deserve a CMS and so, why reinvent the wheel.

What do you guys think?

buonzz replied 1 month ago

As much as I love Laravel, given the requirements of your use-case, you better be using WordPress for that. Once that restaurant gained some traffic and complexity (most of them doesn't), then pitch the idea of re-writing it to Laravel.

I do understand that feeling (I've been in the situation many time before). But always keep in mind your choices should be driven by:

  1. what users wanted to achieve/goal (they need to publish some simple site really quick, not asking you to develop a custom CMS from the scratch)
  2. the best technology to use to hit that goal on least possible cost (how many hours it would take for you to build this? if your answer is less than 5 minutes, then go for it)

Just because you love Laravel, it doesn't mean you will need to use it in every way possible even if doesn't align with those two items above. Use the proper tool for the problem at hand:

there is a saying

if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail

Duncan McClean replied 2 weeks ago

I'd use Statamic. You can have a nice Control Panel and you can build addons for any custom functionality you need to build. Addons are just like mini-Laravel apps.

ttimot24 replied 1 week ago


Try my Laravel based CMS.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Austin Adamson replied 5 days ago

I just wanted to +1 bounzz's answer. Using Laravel for something like that seems like you're putting a jet engine on a lawn mower. I'd use WordPress. This quickly becomes an afternoon project if you use the right tools.

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