How to create Database for single post and multiple images?

When I have a post and images relationship "One to Many", Post has many images and image belongs to one post. Should I create database tables individually for Posts and Images?, just like we create two models? Or should I place image1, image2, image3 colums in posts table? Please suggest a best solution.

w1n78 replied 3 months ago
// set up the relationship via model classes

// Post model

public function images()
  return $this->hasMany(Image::class);

// Image model
public function post()
  return $this->belongsTo(Post::class);

// now that you have that, you can use eloquent to do a one to many insert
Shiva Sheshendra replied 3 months ago

Thank you for your reply. So I guess, I also need to create two tables. One for Post and another one for Images. Is that correct?

Alex Nastase replied 3 months ago

Hi Shiva, in my opinion, ill go with two tabels (posts and media) and if i have a thumbnail image, i will save it in post table. You will always need the post image but not the post gallery images. The relationships of the tables will be post - hasMany and media - belongsTo.

I hope this help you.

Shiva Sheshendra replied 3 months ago

Thank you Alex, For blog, I need only one image. However, for ecommerce website, I may need multiple images for one product. That was the reason, I asked this question.

Mohammad Hammal replied 3 months ago

of course, you need tow tables to do it the right way because you don't know the number of images the user can upload for one product

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