Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Extension launched

We are proud to announce the release of Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension. Now you can easily setup your multi-vendor e-commerce website in Laravel. The marketplace can be easily configured with bagisto - laravel ecommerce framework.

How to setup laravel ecommerce marketplace video tutorial?

You can go through laravel multi-vendor marketplace user guide to go through with the installation and setting up your marketplace. You can also go through laravel ecommerce marketplace live demo.

Bagisto is an open source laravel e-commerce framework that offers some exquisite features with easy customisation. The marketplace extension has made it easier for the laravel community to set up their laravel ecommerce marketplace website and attract sellers to sell on your online store.

Some features of laravel e-commerce marketplace are:

  • Separate Seller/Vendor Profile with a dedicated Shop URL.
  • Manage Seller Branding by providing the banner, social links and SEO friendly URLs for their shop.
  • Product Search by Seller/Vendor on Vendor Panel.
  • Separate view for seller's product collection.
  • Seller's feedback and interactive review system with the star rating.
  • Dedicated seller dashboard to view income, payouts, order details, latest comments, and reviews.
  • Proper check on Stock availability.
  • Admin can set global commission for the seller.
  • Vendor/Seller can be Enabled/Disabled by Admin
  • Product Approval by Admin
  • Special pricing available for Sellers with date filter.
  • Attractive landing page with top sellers and their associated top products.
  • The seller can edit shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, and the shop information.
  • Multi-Lingual support / All language working including RTL ( Hebrew and Arabic).
  • The seller can edit or delete products from their dashboard.
  • Once an order is completed, an admin can create a “Payout” for the seller.
  • Admin has the option to generate invoice and ship the product.
  • Sellers can maintain everything transparent between them and customers by displaying return & shipping policy and providing shop description
  • The Seller can add multiple images of the product.
  • The seller can check total sales as made, total payout and remaining payout as done from Admin end.
  • Functionality to either create New Product or provide own details on the existing product.
  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
  • Admin can delete or update Seller's profile and products.
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