Lumen (API) Post 'Method Not Allowed'

I´m trying to create a simple API with Lumen and Ionic3. I have a post route to send form data to database and compare results, if array doesn't null, user can access.

In routes i have this piece of code

$app->post('/login', [
    'as' => 'login', 'uses' => '[email protected]'

In ionic controller i have this

this.loginService.getLogin(this.login).then(data => {
    this.login = data.results;

And finally in service have this

getLogin(data) {
    .map(res => res.json())

In this step i have a GET http://localhost:8000/login 405 (Method Not Allowed) in console and all the proccess is stopped. I use this plugin to allow CORS, so isn´t a CORS error.

If getLogin() is ok it goes to lumen controller and execute query. The lumen controller is ok, i use Postman to check query.

¿Any idea?


Maybe i need to create login get method in routes ¿but it´s necessary? I only use post method to send data to database.

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