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Laravel "View [] not found."

// this is my code // posts Route::get('post', function () { return view('post', [ // DIR...

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Is there a way to get cron job details inside the "after" me

funny that the subject here is limited, so the topic is: is there a way to get cron job details insi...

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What makes this update method fail?

I am making a Laravel 8 app with posts and post categories. I am now working on the Edit post form,...

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How do I filter posts by status with Laravel query builder?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users and posts. From all the entries in the posts table, I nee...

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Why this "Column 'name' in where clause is ambiguous" error?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users and posts. I want to display the full name of the author...

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What causes this 'Unknown format "factory"' error?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users and posts. The objective is to create a bunch of posts (I...

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How do I fill a table column with comma-separated values?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with roles and permissions. The roles and permissions system are pre...

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What causes this "Not unique table/alias" error?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users, roles and permissions. I try to get the current user's l...

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Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet

Hey everyone! 👋🏻 I've just deployed a change to the Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet so that it now supp...

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Illuminate\Database\Connection->$tablePrefix is an array

Whenever I try to run any database-related Artisan command (e.g. migrate, schema:dump), I get an Arr...

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Regarding the installation of Laravel

I want to know the steps to initiate new laravel project.

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posted 1 year ago

Done Laravel Shift from 5.3 to 5.4 artisan problem

I'm getting when doing composer update: In LaravelGettextServiceProvider.php line 51: Call to undefi...

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Open Source VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. I was searching for some laravel integrated vuejs admin...

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Launching/setup an existing Laravel application

Hey, Zero experience whatsoever with php and/or laravel here. I basically need to clone & run an...

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Database Seeder for Automation Testing

Hi, I am writing an Automation Test for a software that uses Laravel as back-end. To mock the data I...

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Why I am getting wrong URI?

I am currently on I have a link that has to route me to http://127.0.0....

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Error when caching routes

When running the route:cache command I get the error below exactly 50% of cases. Exactly every other...

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posted 2 years ago

django and laravel

what different between django and laravel in security?

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php artisan octane:start fail to maximize cpu usage

Specs: Octane Version: 1.0 Laravel Version: 8.47.0 PHP Version: 8.0.7 Server & Version: Swoole...

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Laravel Composer Update Error

Hello, Friends I want to get help with the laravel composer update. The issue is when I run the comm...

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