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[Package] Blade Partials - Think @extends functionality inline within your views

Hey everyone, I released the Blade Partials package yesterday. It allows you to extend from partial...

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Refresh page after selecting an option from a drop down menu

Hi all, What is the Laravel way to achieve the following: I have a drop down list created with Form:...

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Error Trying to get property of non-object

I am struggling to understand how laravel works and I have a very difficult time with it Model - Use...

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Unable to ->with('key','value') within nested Controller.

I have an AdminController within the controllers/admin folder and i would like to pass my page title...

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Knockout.js, Backbone.js, et al.?

What is the relationship between these data-binding frameworks and Laravel? Does Laravel implement s...

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posted 9 years ago

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi there. I'm trying to get a bit of simple routing done and it's not working as expected. I have th...

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How to save XML response output to file for uploading with SSH::into()?

In my controller I have the following with $registration_data coming from the database and the xml.i...

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Compiling or pipelining Sass assets

I need a comprehensive guide on how to do it. I already tried LaravelGuard from Jeffrey Way (which d...

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Routers menu

Hallo, Can someone help me? i would like to make simple static website, i created menu using routers...

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Yup I give up.

I gotta give up. I don't want to, but I got to, because trying to learn Laravel with very very limit...

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Default blade style in folder

I was checking how Laravel io page is organized and saw thath main layout file (default.blade.php) i...

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Is it possible to call directly from a class.

Hi all, I'm still chipping away at learning Laravel. Coming along slowly though. :-/ In my db class...

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Minify your HTML

Laravel HTML Minify This package compresses the HTML output from your Laravel application, seamlessl...

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including views with contollers

I'm going to ask the same question here that I did on the old forum, because I didn't know the new f...

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Solution for form labes / column headers

I'm building an applicaiton where I have a lot of forms and CRUD stuff. What I'm trying to achieve i...

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What Is Laravel HTMLMin? Laravel HTMLMin is a simple HTML minifier for Laravel 4.1. Laravel HTMLMin...

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