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8 years ago

Cache Dependency

Hi In yii, we could use cache dependency. For example: $sql = 'SELECT * FROM tbl_post LIMIT 20'; $de...

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Accessing the same cache key multiple times a request

My app often needs data about different categories on different places of the application, so I put...

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Pro-active Caching: Looking For Ideas

I have built a business application using Laravel that utilizes several very large datasets. There i...

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Problem with cache

Hi all, I have a problem witch cache. I get exception when i try to add tags to cache... Cache::tags...

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How can I cache all data in Eloquent

How can I try to using cache for all of Eloquent query. Example: $users = User::remember(10)->get...

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[proposal] Cache::put() returning the stored data

Hi i'm wondering is there any particular reasons Cache::put() returning the void? Wouldn't returning...

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[Package] Keeper - role/permission based authentication package using Guard

Hello, i have created package, which adds roles and permissions functionality to the laravels authen...

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Store data in memcached

Hi, Q1, Is there anyway i can see how Memcache works? with laravel? What does Laravel set in the Key...

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Memcached as default Cache

I'm planning to setup Memcache and APC. Question 1 , If i use File as default cache, does it cache t...

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Best Practice for Multi-Page Forms???

I have done some research and am still not able to find any examples or best practices on persisting...

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Fix for "Undefined property: {ModelName}:$attributes" error

The old forums either had no solution for this, OR said the issue was solved by switching to file ca...

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Laravel and view caching in development — can't see changes right away

When I update a view with different information, it would take almost 5 to 10 minutes before the vie...

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[Package] Laravel HttpCache

HttpCache for Laravel 4.1: Laravel 4.1 can easily use...

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Eloquent relationships remember()

Is it possible to cache relationships with the remember function? $screen->Texts()->with('Tex...

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Forget cache on touch

Hey, I want to cache my queries like getting all projects assigned to a user. I use ->remember(36...

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