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Enabling Mcrypt for Laravel - Not sure

Hey guys .. I am a newb on the unix/bash and am hoping someone could set me in the right direction....

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Laravel Unknown formatter “prefix” error after 4.1.26 update whilst re-seeding

After following the steps for the 4.1.26 upgrade on Laravel, when I try to re-migrate and re-seed th...

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How to use defined Laravel remote connections in Envoy

Laravel has a really nice remote SSH connection configuration file: app/config/remote.php (see: http...

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How to debug "artisan serve" in PHPStorm?

Hello! I'm used to debug PHP scripts in PHPStorm via xdebug. How could I debug Laravel with xdebug?...

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Auth::check() code in view doesn't work

I'm trying to use Auth functionality. The problem is that if in my view i have the following code: &...

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Laravel Tool Alternative

I've coded tiny (1.0kb) tool alternative for Laravel.phar

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Error when installing Laravel with the Laravel installer

This is what greets me when typing laravel new app_name in terminal: ○ → laravel new myapp Crafting...

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Moving Laravel 4 To Live Website

Not sure best way to move larval 4 to live website so main page will show up in url with out typing...

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Installation - white screen

Hello, i installed laravel using composer, but when opening the public directory in the browser i do...

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Just Controller Query

Just installed laravel 4 trying it out seeing if it has some better features than codeigniter. Just...

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How to pass parameters to custom CLI classes

Hi there awesome people, Artisan CLI is awesome but there is something I really want to know. Can I...

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Problem with deploying laravel on a web server

Hi! I have a problem with deploying my app from localhost to web server. I'am getting the following...

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Installation with Composer does not go to Htdocs

Hi - I'm a Total newbie to composer and L4. I ran composer as per the instructions expecting L4 to b...

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Where to place the logic to work with models?

Hello! Where, in your opinion, is better positioned to work with logic models. Working with models i...

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newbie question : class route not found

hey guys , i installed composer and laravel, it went well until i got this message: class route not...

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Laravel environment setup

Hi, So I'm working to setup laravel on my local system for development. Following along the guides t...

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Best Server/Company/OS for Laravel

Where do you guys all host your Laravel applications? And which Linux distribution is the best for L...

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How to rollback external migrations ?

I want to write a "clean reinstall" CLI but I have a little problem... I can't rollback ex...

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I watched the laracast on how to install and was totally lost. I don't even know what program he was...

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Using SetaPDF for signing of pdf with laravel.

Hi, I am using WKHTMLTOPDF to generate PDF and want to use SetaPDF-Signer to sign the PDF. (http://w...

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