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Laravel Advanced: Top 5 Scheduler Functions You Might Not Know About

17 Jun, 2024 2 min read

In this article series, we go a little deeper into parts of Laravel we all use, to uncover functions and features that we can use in our next projects... if only we knew about them! Our first article in the series is about the Laravel Scheduler - which helps run scheduled tasks (aka cron jobs).

Let's explore a few lesser-known scheduler functions:

1. skip() & when()

If you want your scheduled task to execute only when some condition is true, use when() to set such conditions inline:

$schedule->command('your:command')->when(function () {
    return some_condition();

skip() is the exact opposite of the when() method. If the skip method returns true, the scheduled task will not be executed:

    return Calendar::isHolidauy();

2. withoutOverlapping()

You may be running a critical job that should only have one instance running at a time. That's where withoutOverlapping() ensures that a scheduled task won't overlap, preventing potential conflicts.


3. thenPing()

After executing a task, you might want to ping a URL to notify another service or trigger another action. thenPing() lets you do just that seamlessly.


4. runInBackground()

If you want your scheduled task to run in the background without holding up other processes. runInBackground() will help you do this:


5. evenInMaintenanceMode()

You can guess what it does by its name. You can execute scheduled tasks even when your application is in maintenance mode.


That's all for now, folks! Give them a try; use these scheduler functions in your task automation and make your code much easier. All of the above have been previously shared on our Twitter, one by one. Follow us on Twitter; You'll ❤️ it.

Keep exploring, keep coding, and keep pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve with Laravel. Until next time, happy scheduling! 🚀

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