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posted 16 hours ago

Only create page (show 404) not working in resource route

The entire resource route inc index(), edit(), destroy() is working except for create() - Use to wo...

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Vue.js Application Not Rendering Views on Android Device

I have a Laravel + Vue.js + Inertia application that's causing an issue when trying to access the Vu...

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[Laravel Mix] Use Dependencies From Another App's Vendor.js?

Is there a way to use dependencies that have been extracted to a vendor.js from a different app? Ima...

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posted 4 days ago

channels doesnt work [Laravel]

I'm having trouble understanding something about the channels in my code. Here's what I have: `funct...

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posted 5 days ago

How to call PHP's normalizer in Laravel Model

I have some strings that I need to normalize ( RCVR to RCVR ) and I can do that via [https://www...

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Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist.

I've got this bug : Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist. While this controller do ex...

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posted 6 days ago

Laravel 10 with MariaDB 10.6

I want to upgrade to Laravel 10.x which requires MariaDB 10.10+. But my hosting currently supports v...

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Laravel - Email Extracting

Hello everyone! It's my first time here. I need your help. I have a Laravel application (Laravel 8)...

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posted 1 week ago

Hello, I'm a beginner in PHP, could you clear my doubts?

I would like to know if it is possible with PHP/Laravel to use the official WhatsApp API to create a...

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Laravel API - NextJS Starter Kit cant login / authenticate

Hi, i am having trouble with sessions in laravel api with sanctum deployed on railway, authenticatin...

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Laravel - Passkeys - 1Password - Passage

We got an already built React front, Laravel back webapp, using Sanctum. We need to integrate Passag...

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posted 2 weeks ago

LARATRUST: the Role does not attach when a user is created

Hi family! I'm asking for your support. i'm new to laravel and more specifically laratrust. i've ins...

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posted 1 week ago

Work environment windows+php8.2.3+larave10.23.1 I configure

Work environment windows+php8.2.3+larave10.23.1 I configured APP_ENV=local in the. env configuration...

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How to display Categories and Subcategories with my code

I have this category table, and I want to display the main categories and subcategories on the front...

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posted 4 months ago

How to make Laravel 10 project ad desktop application?

I have made a student management system using laravel 10, and the datas are stored in phpmyadmin. I...

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posted 2 weeks ago

Laravel, migration from 9 to Job dispatchNow vs dispatchSync

I everybody, I am currently in the process of migrating from Laravel 9 to 10, and my jobs are no lon...

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Change login with email by other field

Hi guys, i have a login system created with laravel, by default the fields of login are: email and p...

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I am willing to pay for these custom plugins.

Hello I have purchased a laravel restaurant template and I want to implement some custom modules....

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How to use TinyMCE Laravel Nova with upload images

why Murdercode\TinymceEditor\TinymceEditor not found? And How to install / config TinyMCE in Laravel...

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Laravel view framework choice advice

I'm creating a peer review tool for university professors and need help picking a Laravel view frame...

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