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posted 12 hours ago

Laravel Form Validation Inconsistency

Laravel Version: 9.42.0 PHP Version: 8.1.13 Database Driver & Version: Description: Before lar...

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Why won't Composer update?Co

I am running Laravel 9.41.0 but my Composer is just at 2.0.7 and is showing me some deprecation mess...

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Error: Attempt to read property "cpf" on null - Laravel 9

I'm trying to view details of a property that I registered in the bank and I'm getting this error me...

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posted 1 day ago

Adding my own code to Laravel

This is a very general question and I don't see ANY category of the tags that fits it very well. I h...

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posted 1 day ago

How to reduce file size of PDF in laravel

I reduced the pdf file size in laravel using configuration 'enable_font_subsetting ' = true and I am...

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Paginating an eager loaded relationship

This is a thought on old thread paginate-an-eager-loaded-relationship that I can't comment anymore,...

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posted 3 weeks ago

Undefined variable $roles

<div class="mb-4"> @foreach ( $roles as $role )...

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posted 4 weeks ago

withValidator $validator->fails() make server slow

PHP 8.1.4 Apache/2.4.53 Laravel Framework 9.33.0 I am trying to add messages error in every valida...

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Laravel: how can I return redirect()->back() with a variable

Hi, How am I able to use redirect()-> back() width a variable. I tried below code but it is not w...

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Feature request: pass arguments to relationship functions

Hi, I could really use the ability to set an argument to a relationship function from a method such...

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posted 1 week ago

npm run build giving some sort of Alpine error?

Hi, So I tried to do an npm run build (which I use to compile my Tailwind CSS) - and got this weird...

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Conditional Validation with dependency to other fields

I am trying to validate import data using Laravel Excel. I got through to using required_if when a f...

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posted 2 months ago

Route broken image from 404 to blank not found?

My site loads a full 404 page for any missing images. I want to reduce the server load and just have...

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How to get the export button using controller?

I want to export the data from the Datatables to excel or CSV files. I have been searching for more...

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Laravel single chat, group chat ,video call and voice callla

We need laravel chat module some things like WhatsApp where you can group chat, single chat, video c...

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posted 2 weeks ago

Cant download laragon or access

I am facing difficulty to download laragon. is down

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posted 1 week ago

Looking For Contributors to Open Source Twitch-Like Project

I started an open-source twitch-like esports platform called Glitch. The backend is in Laravel and t...

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While working on a new office project about how to handle traffic light issues in smaller cities, I...

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created_at, updated_at and deleted_at type fields do not res

Laravel Version: ^9.27 PHP Version: 8.1 Database Driver & Version: Postgresql 14.X Description...

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Laravel OAuth Login Session Not Being Saved On Redirect

I'm writing open source twitch-like esports platform called Glitch, repo is here, and I am have prob...

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