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Ash Allen

Joined 21 Aug 2021
I'm a freelance Laravel web developer from Preston, UK. I maintain the Ash Allen Design blog and get to work on loads of cool and exciting projects 🚀


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published on 31 Jan, 2024

Display Desktop Notifications in PHP CLI Applications

Introduction There may be times when you're building a long-running script in PHP and you want to no...

Artisan Laravel Notifications
10 min read

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published on 23 Jan, 2024

Automatically Hash Laravel Model Values Using the "Hashed" Cast

Introduction Hashing is an important security concept that every web developer should know about. It...

Security Laravel
6 min read

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published on 12 Apr, 2023

Boost Your Laravel Templates with Custom Blade Directives

Introduction Blade is a powerful templating engine that you can use in Laravel. It allows you to wri...

Blade Views Laravel
5 min read

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