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Ash Allen

Ash Allen

Joined 21 Aug 2021
I'm a freelance Laravel web developer from Preston, UK. I maintain the Ash Allen Design blog and get to work on loads of cool and exciting projects 🚀


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Ash Allen ash-jc-allen
21 Oct, 2021

How to Get Currency Exchange Rates in Laravel

Introduction Sometimes when you're building web applications, you might need some functionality that...

7 min read 2 Likes
Ash Allen ash-jc-allen
21 Sep, 2021

Using Database Transactions to Write Safer Laravel Code

Introduction In web development, data integrity and accuracy is really important. So, making sure th...

Database Eloquent Laravel
11 min read 5 Likes
Ash Allen ash-jc-allen
31 Aug, 2021

Setting Up Tailwind CSS in Laravel

Introduction Tailwind CSS is a really cool CSS framework that you can use when building your applica...

Blade Laravel Views
11 min read 2 Likes

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