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Joel Clermont

Joined 2 Jun 2022
I help Laravel SaaS teams ship better products. Podcast at Author of


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published on 8 Jul, 2022

Validating File Upload Arrays in Laravel

Let's say you have an HTML form with 3 file inputs named certificate[], and you want to make them al...

Laravel Validation
3 min read 4 Likes
published on 19 Jun, 2022

Understanding how wildcard notation works in validation rules

Array validation in Laravel is very powerful, but sometimes it might not do exactly what we expect w...

Laravel Validation
5 min read 1 Likes
published on 2 Jun, 2022

The Benefits of Minimal Factories in Laravel

Laravel factories are a huge time-saver when writing tests. In the past, I'd build a factory to incl...

Laravel Testing
3 min read 2 Likes

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