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Database Eloquent
Last updated 2 years ago.

To better understand what you need, can you post how you did it without elequent


Hi Bostjan, of course, I change a little the Database but this is the same:

With this I get 9 users with name, lastname and the photo from imagenes table (photo table actually) while column perfil in imagenes table is true

This code is from my old site in laravel 4 without use Eloquent there.

$query = DB::table('users as U');
$query->leftJoin('imagenes as I', 'I.id_fk', '=', '');

$query->select(' as id', 'U.nombre as nombre', 'U.apellido as apellido', 'I.nombre as imagen');

$query->where('U.verificado', 1);
$query->where('I.perfil', 1);

$query->where('I.id_fk', '=', DB::raw("(SELECT MIN(id) FROM imagenes WHERE = imagenes.id_fk)"));


$modelos = $query->get();

So I want make the same but with eloquent, if this is possibly of course.



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