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Dries Vints

Joined 16 Dec 2013
I work for Laravel, maintain and organise Full Stack Belgium and Full Stack Europe.


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published on 11 Feb, 2022

Laravel 9.0 Now Available!

This week we shipped Laravel 9.0 - the exciting next chapter in our journey to make web development...

2 min read 1 Likes
published on 28 Aug, 2021

Launching PHP GitHub Sponsors

I'm very happy to say that Tom and I finally launched PHP GitHub Sponsors, a package for PHP to inte...

Laravel API Packages
3 min read 3 Likes
published on 13 Jun, 2021

Investigating dark mode for SVG's in GitHub readme's

This blog post is about a (failed) attempt at introducing dark mode for our logo SVG's in the readme...

6 min read 2 Likes
posted 8 years ago

About the outage on the 12th of February

Here's the rundown on today's temporary outage. A bit earlier this evening I noticed that the databa...

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posted 8 years ago

About the recent forum spam

Hi everyone, As most of you know we've recently had quite some forum and pastebin spam here. We've b...

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posted 9 years ago

Code Climate vs. Scrutinizer vs. SensioLabsInsight

Code Climate Just set up Code Climate for the website:

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posted 9 years ago

How to mark up forum posts.

Markdown Forum posts can be marked up in a number of ways. For one, it supports a basic Markdown imp...

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replied 4 months ago

laravel stripe simple checkout page

What issues are you experiencing? Please provide more info like a stack trace, error message, etc.

replied 7 months ago

Access to Codat API

I have no idea sorry. I don't maintain that site.

replied 9 months ago

Why does sending multiline emails fail in this application?

@ajax30 pleas don't link to other threads and keep this one on topic.

replied 11 months ago

Is there a way to get Laravel Nova for free in localhost?

Right now, there's no free trial for Laravel Nova.

replied 1 year ago

Inject JsonResource in reusable Controller

You cannot resolve a resource from the container. It needs to be instantiated with an Eloquent model...


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