Any laravel base systems that include the basics like authentication, login, registration, nice templates etc?

Are there any Laravael "starter" systems with common basic functionality available to fasttrack development?

I have only built a few bespoke systems with Laravel but when I start a new one I seem to have to install Laravel, setup the authentication, login, registration etc, then templates. It takes ages before I've even started the bespoke functionality contained within. It puts me off.

If not, what do others do to fast track their system development? All we should need to do is jump right in with the bespoke development and shold not have to work on the common functionality all the systems have (authentication, registration, login, admin interface to manage them all, is common).


astroanu replied 1 year ago

What i do is clone an old project up to the commit where i've done authentication, setup forms the dashboard and most of the basic application framework. Then continue to the new repo from it.

joeyscreen replied 1 year ago

laravel spark is designed for this:

I have not used it but have been looking into it lately

AndySchaafTHP replied 1 year ago

Is the included Laravel Auth package not good enough for basic login / authentication? Just run the artisan commands to enable Authentication and run the migrations and you're pretty much good to go

php artisan make:auth

php artisan migrate

After a new install, and configuring my env file, I usually use this to scaffold authentication and update the generated views.

Then later, if I have time and there is budget, I'll add a little interface for user management.

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