[Forge + AWS] Should I have my Github Laravel App and Wordpress on the same server, or different?

I have built an AWS server ("Server A") via Forge and setup Github + Laravel + SSL on it successfully, but I also want a Wordpress Blog as part of my website. I've realized there are two approaches I can take to this:

Approach 1: I can create a second "site" on Server A and install Wordpress on it, using the domain for it (and a wildcard A Record on my register for


Approach 2: I can create server B, use for the A record on its sole site, and install Wordpress there.


Approach 1 keeps everything on one server. Is this damaging scaling wise? Would it be more wise to take approach 2? Or would approach 2 end up being more expensive and harder to scale because it has one more server?

Thank you, Just looking for the industry standard approach to this problem, I don't need to pull my hair out over it.


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