CMS suggestion


Maybe a little bit opiniated question but I want to hear your suggestions and advices on the good CMS for my site... based on Laracel of course.

I am looking for a CMS that would allow me few things:

  1. Have a good visual design mode for the content pages. Meaning nice template engine without too much restricting me design vise.

  2. Have possibility of adding custom functionality easily. I need to have a booking system that requires custom database structure in the backend. Is there a CMS that would easily allow me to add that, without too much rewriting CMS's own backend system.

Ideally I would be very happy if it would allow me easily adding vue.js also...

  • 3 months ago

There are a numbers of different CMS exist for you, choose any of the given below:
1. October CMS
2. Asgard CMS
3. Lavalite