Service providers/Containers and contacts. how they work exactly all together?

dragGH102 posted 1 year ago

HI everyone,

I'm just getting started with Laravel (5.3) so forgive the probably basic question. After going through the intermediate tutorial (5.2 updated to 5.3), I started studying Laravel more in depth, however the docs for beginners like me don't seem to help much to understand what things really are. I get the bunch of examples but they don't give me a clear clue how they work with each other

Specifically, what they are (classes? interfaces? "methods" for injection?) and how they related with each other (one used in another / use cases-?

  • Service containers
  • Provide containers
  • Contracts
  • Repository (I am aware this is a programming pattern rather than an actual core feature of Laravel architecture)

Thank you in advance

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