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Last updated 10 months ago.

I found a better solution to my problem thanks to Comyn on IRC:


But I'd still like to know why the accessor wasn't working.


Your 'getTotalAttribute()' accessor [if it is doing what I think it's doing] should be declared static. What was the error message that you were getting?

Last updated 8 years ago.

If I'm not wrong, the accessor works only for one model (or, in this case, for each Point model). In fact, what you need is a total for a collection of models, that's why "Auth::user()->points->sum('amount');" works.

If you put the accessor logic in the User model, it will probably work, since User has a collection of points:

// User model
public function getTotalAttribute() {
    $balance = 0.00;
    foreach($this->points as $point)
        $balance += $point->amount;
    return $balance;

    // Or this:
    // return $this->points->sum('amount');
Last updated 8 years ago.

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