Deploying on Shared hosting (like hostgator) via git or rocketeer or ?

marcusmoore88 posted 4 years ago

Hello, I would love to use a provider such as DigitalOcean or Fort Rabbit but unfortunately I work at a high school and the pricing probably won't fly. I am interested in building the website in Laravel and now I am trying to figure out the best way to deploy an app to shared hosting such as HostGator (what I will most likely be using).

I have read about two different processes online, one using Git and the other using Rocketeer. I tried to set up Rocketeer but I wasn't able to ignite properly due to not knowing what I should set my repository as.

Any thoughts on what would be a better option and if so, any guide or even tips to get me going in the right direction?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

anlutro replied 4 years ago

Neither git or rocketeer will work if you don't have SSH access.

If you really can't afford a DO box (they're $5 a month!) then simply uploading the files via FTP is likely the only option.

tfevens replied 4 years ago

With DO, it's not JUST a matter of affording the $5. Sure, it's only $5 but you have to do everything yourself. Installation, security, and maintenance. I can only speak for myself, but that makes me quite nervous.

Yes, I have a DO account, but I've not even created a drop, for fears of having to 'do it all myself' (that and I'm cheap and don't want to pay for something I'm not quite ready for yet).

anlutro replied 4 years ago

If you want to learn the super basics of managing a linux server, just install Vagrant. Do NOT get chef/puppet/ansible, just SSH in and set it up manually, add a port forward for the webserver and see if you can get it working with PHP/MySQL/Apache. It's a lot easier than you'd think!

marcusmoore88 replied 4 years ago

I do have ssh access on HostGator. After posting I took a deeper look at DO. I realized that I would probably have to bump up to the $10/mo plan or host the images elsewhere. (I remember an article a while back about using Flickr as a CDN but I don't know how feasible that is without looking into it more).

Like you said tfevens, I am nervous about having to handle everything myself but I also have a Vagrant environment set up and it wasn't too difficult to do. Plus they have tools in place to ease the transition between your local Vagrant box and the DO servers.

I have a bit more thought to put into this. Thank you for allowing me to talk this out with the group.

Edit: Hm...I should've researched a bit more. Anyone have experience with Amazon's s3 service? Free tier or beyond?

hernandev replied 4 years ago

If you don't know Linux Very well but still need the SSH and stuff, install Vesta ( and it will be like the Shared Hosting you already know, with a lot of more flexibility.

There are another options to, but this is really simple, secure and updated.

marcusmoore88 replied 4 years ago

he-rnand-es, that looks great. I'll look into that more thoroughly soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, I made an edit up top that might get ignored since there's a post below it but: "Anyone have experience with Amazon's s3 service? Free tier or beyond?"

Another edit: Looks like their free storage services expire after a year.

CodebyRay replied 4 years ago

I use along with the partner company If you signup with Codebase you get an account with deployhq free and they work great together.

Very easy to setup and works without issues on shared hosting accounts.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Ray

w1n78 replied 4 years ago

no one really answered his original question. i'm also curious at how to deploy a specific branch from a git repo to a shared environment.

markhankins replied 3 years ago

With hostgator shared hosting (reseller anyway) there is a one-time setup fee of $10 per account to allow SSH access, you need to fill in the request form here -

Looks like it's free on reseller? (

When you say you want to deploy from git, do you mean just pull down a tagged version of your code? In that case, I would imagine you could do that simply.

I've also used Jenkins in the past to automate the FTP process, but if I remember correctly, you couldn't use SFTP with hostgator for some reason (although that may be me recalling incorrectly or may have been updated).

rakeshkumar125 replied 2 years ago

I was used on windows. Its working fine there is no matter git hosted on bitbucket,gitlab or github.

some other links also there that can help you.

percyimm replied 1 year ago

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Tushar Gugnani replied 9 months ago

I recently wrote an article on how I was able to host my laravel on a shared host. (Hostgator)

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