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Last updated 3 months ago.

Sorry im ok mobile cant test,

But how are you trying to render it??

$contents = \View::make('youview');

Using this way, to use the facade.

Or at top of your command class

Use View;

And then u can remove the backslash


I think before code should try but also you can on your command

$viewHandler = \App::make('Illuminate\View\Factory'); Cant say by reminding, would have to be in computer

$rendered = $viewHandler->make('yourview');

Sorry again on mobile, but what u want is axhievable, i think i put you in the right track

Last updated 6 years ago.

yep, tested!!

//console command
$this->info('Hello console!');

        $viewHandler = \App::make('Illuminate\View\Factory');

        $data = ['test' => '123'];

        $rendered = $viewHandler->make('test',$data);




Hello Blade!

{!! $test !!}

Please give feedback, marks as solution maybe?? :D

Last updated 6 years ago.

Works like a charm! Sorry so late marking it as solution!


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