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Last updated 1 month ago.

I don't think there's an existing sync function but it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to create one, probably a worthy addition to a hasMany relation.

However, you could simplify your code as-is using something like this...

$audiochannel_ids = array();
foreach ($video->audiochannels as $key => $audiochannel)
    $audiochannel_ids[] = $audiochannel->id;

AudioChannels::where('video_id', $video->id)->whereNotIn('id', $audiochannel_ids)->delete();
Last updated 1 month ago.

Looking for the same. BUT, instead of storing new records, and afterwards erasing those which are not new, I would prefer to erase all relevant data, and then store new records.

Last updated 1 month ago.

What about:

    $video->audiochannels()->saveMany(// array of audiochannels);

Hope this helps

Last updated 1 month ago.

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