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Last updated 1 year ago.

*Update for people who might come up with that kind of issue: I'm not quite sure what is the issue yet but I know it's something with my local MySQL since it's working on my live test VPS.

*I'll update if I find out what is the issue on my local.


This happened to me today. Same code working on local machine, but not on VPS. Any ideas?

Until now I've debugged until the point, where I know the problem lies in the query parsing somewhere. \Illuminate\Pagination\PaginationServicProvider line 21: the app['request'] appearantly thinks the query is "query_string". Which is completely wrong. So I think there is something wrong with symfony.


Turns out only the nginx config was wrong. this line:

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$query_string;

was missing the $ sign before query string

Last updated 7 years ago.

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