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Last updated 1 year ago.

I have had an idea, what if

    1. I extendend the controller in question
    1. changed the 'action' attribute in the form to my custom controller

That way the native controller would not be touched, only the view files, which are destined to be customized anyway.

I know better than to ask for "good practice" in Laravel, but there must be a way of customizing packages in general that allows the users to maintain and update the packages more or less untroubedly.

So, I am still grateful for any insight from experienced PHP- and/or Laravel-users.

Last updated 8 years ago.

I am in the same boat, love the work and activity for the BootstrapCMS but the documentation for newer people is rough.

Were you able to figure anything out, or find some resources?


In short: no.

There is absolutely no documentation, there are no blogs, there is essentially nothing in both forums I checked (Laracasts and this) and contacting the developer I got the following response (roughly summarized):

  1. He has no time to write documentation, because he is busy. Ok, that is absolutely true, he is the second most committing to Laravel itself and works on other projects as well.

  2. He is open to pull requests, which is also true.

  3. If you have an issue (like the cache issue preventing newbees from even starting with BootstrapCMS), you should essentially consult the official doc and/or other sources first... and not bother him. I guess that he thinks very logically and follows design pattern and Laravel guidelines to the letter, thus, in his mind everything can be easily reverse engineered, i.e. no need for long documentation :(

  4. He is currently focussing on something else than BootstrapCMS and will even have less time to spare.

In conclusion, I think that BootstrapCMS is really only for the 1% (PHP user looking for a lightweight CMS) of the 2.5% (by definition the geniuses per population), i.e. for an estimated total of 0.025 % of the PHP/Laravel users. Given that there is absolutely no documentation and no support at all, I would even lower that number to about 0.0025 %. It is a product with no chance of survival imho.

[EDIT: Corrected some numbers]

So, why am I still working with it? I have checked out other solutions (packages, CMSystems) and this one was the one that met my requirements the best: Tightly based on Laravel, very lightweight, professionally made (no doubt about that as it was made by Graham Campbell). Others were only loosely based on Laravel and introduced some strange concepts, which I am just not willing to learn at the moment. I want to work mainly with Laravel and with methods based on Laravel.

I may write a few blogs about working with BootstrapCMS once I am finished. The question is: Will it be worth my time? For a product that imho has no chance of survival. Anyhow, eta of my blogs, in a few weeks...

If you have a special question, you may contact me directly via my git hub email.

Last updated 8 years ago.

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