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posted 9 years ago
Last updated 2 years ago.

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Haha, that explains my missing post replies. I thought I was going crazy.

Keep up the work though, mistakes happen! I look forward for what's in store with v3!


Hey Dries, have you seen Something like that may help you to notice when updates are not run...


Hey Franz, that looks interesting. I'm gonna take a look at that, thanks!


Look into using xtrabackup if using mysql/mariadb/percona. Its a percona toolset and works amazingly for many GBs of data without downtime.


Dries, it wasn't me who recovered the database, @ukautz did it - I was just the man in the middle :-)


Hey Oliver, I've added an update! Thanks for letting me know :)


Try taking backup using "Cloudbacko software" i have experience of using CloudBacko software for my MYSQL database backup. Currently, i am using the same software because it gives me full security and protection to my data. Backup of a large 100GB MySQL Database can be finished overnight. Fast multi-thread MySQL Database backup. Block level incremental hot backup with zero downtime. MySQL Database backup pre-requisites checking guarantees restorability. Multi-destination concurrent backup. Directly restore from backup to original database. Service is very good so i would like to suggest you to have CloudBacko software for your backup plan.


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