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Eloquent Validation Packages
Last updated 1 year ago.

As Chris requested, here are some details about what I'm trying to achieve.

As we all agree Laravel is a life changer for PHP. It gives you a bunch of really good tools but it doesn't provide architectural guidance. Which might be good for those who want flexibility but certainly isn't good for beginners. I always get the question "where should I put this?".

I think we should put our minds together to find the best practices for each problem and then build some packages to simplify the others work. I'm not saying there aren't people doing this and I can see the internet is full of materials. The issue is that everybody has it's own opinion about how things should be.

What Laravel did for the PHP community is amazing. Taylor thought about every detail of it: every class name, every method, etc. I'm thinking about doing the same thing for specific problems (form validation, repositories, folder structure, etc). Taylor provided mostly the bricks and we need to provide the architecture. There are many ways to validate the input (in the controller, in the model, in a validation service, in a form object, etc) let's find the best one simplify it, publish it, write about it, etc. This will be subjective and I'm not worried about this. Taylor was subjective too ...

I'm aware that every application has it's own challenges but 90% of them are similar. A "framework" on top of Laravel with knowledge about how to implement common tasks with best practices will help the community a lot.

Last updated 1 year ago.

I already started but it's not updated. Many things have been improved in the work I did for my clients but I haven't had time to extract the code and update the Boilerplate.

Last updated 1 year ago.

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