Laravel 4.x , module system able to install/enable/disable via panel ?

Hello guys, i just started to use laravel, and i was able to create a new HMVC system following this tutorial

i was wondering , if there a anyway to make a panel where you can install/enable/disable a module,

right now i create my "module" , but to be able to use it, i need to add the namespace in app.php , and then i need to run "composer dump-autload", in order to add this new code,

my initial plan was create a panel where i can automate this process , but when i was working in doing it, i came across that is not a easy thing to do,

  1. i wanted to add the new namespace to the array inside app.php, just looking to the database and then add it, but i dont have database access

  2. run composer dump-autoload is always necesary

, any ideas how to achived this?

illuminate3 replied 3 years ago

The orchestra package might be doing what you're looking for.

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