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Last updated 1 year ago.

Have you looked at the query builder documentation?

Are you just looking for something like this?

$settings = DB::table('settings')->firstOrFail();

Then pass $settings to your view where you can then access the columns in that table.

{{ $settings->name }}

I ended up doing something similar, I used:

$settings = DB::table('settings')->pluck('name');

But, your way may be better. So my next question is this, how can this be used in all views? For testing purposes I just did this:

return view('master')->with('settings', $settings);

I added a /test route, and that worked great when I go to /test, but how do you get it to display on all views? I assume you don't return a single view directly? But I'm not sure on what to return to display in all views. Is something like View::share considered good practice for this, or am I going down the incorrect path? Keeping in mind that I'm using a controller to run this code in, unless that is the incorrect approach in this case as well?


Edit: I guess maybe the more appropriate question would have been, how do you then pass $settings to the view? When I load the view I always get "Undefined Variable".

Last updated 8 years ago.

you can use View::share or view()->share but you should use that in boot() function at AppServiceProvider. Also you can use composer function.


Thank you ilkeruyank. That was actually the direction I was started to head. I've tried adding it, and as of yet, I've been unable to make it work. I blame only having been learning Laravel for a month. I'm sure I'll get it figured out, but if anyone has an example in mind, that would be fantastic. Thank you to all who have helped with this so far.

What I have so far in the controller:

public function __construct()
  $settings = DB::table('settings')->pluck('name');
  return $settings;

First I don't even know if I should be using a construct here, but the bigger question for me is the return value.

Then, in the Service Provider in the boot method I have:


I'm sure I'm also incorrect on how to use view share properly. My assumption is that it it just grabs the variable name, but I'm betting that I'm incorrect.

Last updated 8 years ago.

Well after playing around, I do see that I was wrong on view share. When I add a second argument, it works.... except that it's not pulling data from the controller. So when I do this:

view()->share('settings', $settings);

I get an "undefined variable" error, but if I do this:

view()->share('settings', 'settings');

It works, except it obviously just adds the string value "settings". So how to pass the data from my controller so that the service provider receives it?


I ended up just adding the query into the app service provider. It works just fine, but is this best practice? Or should I still run the query from the controller? For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get the variable from the controller to the service provider. Even after using the namespace.


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