Changing Eloquent models database connection at runtime

Is there any way to force Eloquent models to re resolve the connection they were instantiated with?

Right now I have a method that changes the database connection in a loop at runtime :

foreach ($array as $key => $value) {

   Config::set('database.connections.mysql.database', $key . '_' . $database);
   $productRepo = new ProductRepository();
   $products = $productRepo->all();


Inside the product repository, i'm calling the Eloquent methods all() to get all the products in the database.

What i discover was that the connection was changed to the first value in the array but it does not change on further executions of the loop.

Is there anything I can do to force Eloquent to resolve the connection parameters at runtime?

astroanu replied 4 years ago Solution

See my reply on this thread

parn09 replied 4 years ago

thanks for the solution @astroanu I was still hoping for someone to explain how the model connection gets resolved at runtime though.

dudalubos replied 2 years ago

Hi. You can simply extend the used base Model class with a new one, and have the following inside it:

* @return string
public function getConnectionName()
    $databaseConnection = config($this->getConfigFileName().'.database_connection');
    if (!empty($databaseConnection)) {
       $this->connection = $databaseConnection;
    return parent::getConnectionName();        

Then you simply produce a function called 'getConfigFileName()'. This way you specify connection name for any implementations of this new Model extension class dynamically using config file(s).

Hope this helps.

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