laravel link problem

hi all i am using form get method in my controller

<form action="{{url('employers/blacklist-log/'. $task->id) }}" method="get">

                                {{ csrf_field() }}

link in address bar after pressing submt button is http://localhost/premier_web/public/employers/blacklist-log/19?_token=fKldp1vvH0Fqzjjpw6KeRRAWZ49BDajtmlo29aJx

iwant to know how to remove token from the link to be http://localhost/premier_web/public/employers/blacklist-log/19

  • 2 months ago

Remove the csrf_field as that is what that is.

Remove the csrf_field. Or Change the method GET to POST

The csrf_field() function creates a hidden field in your form with the name _token that contains a csrf token. Because of how the <form> element in html works all form fields will be sent as variables in the url if you are using method=GET.

However, if you change your method to POST, the form fields will be sent in the http request body.

TLDR; if you don't want your form fields to be visible in the URL, you cannot use GET.