Join interfering with eager loading

jerauf posted 4 years ago

I'm going insane.

I have a query that needs to use a join and eager loading. The join needs to occur because I need to use a field in the joined table in my where clause.

Here is my code:

						  $staging_query = CreditRole::join('roles', '', '=', 'credits_roles.role_id')
									->with(array('has_credit' => function($staging_name_query)
					  								->where('run_type', '=', 'OR')
					  								->orderBy('sort_no', 'asc')
									->where('roles.role_category', '=', 'ST')
									->get(array('*', ' as credit_id'));

Here is my model:

class CreditRole extends \Eloquent {

  protected $table = 'credits_roles';

  public function has_credit()
	return $this->hasMany('\App\Models\CreditName', 'credit_role_id', 'id');


The problem is that using this, it finds the roles correctly but doesn't display results from has_credit. If I eager load the role, it works as intended and displays has_credit. However, I need to query on roles.role_category.

Can anyone help?

jerauf replied 4 years ago

Anyone have any ideas? Would be much appreciated. My project has stalled because of this.

giovannipds replied 10 months ago

Did you solved it? I've solved it using fromRaw & whereRaw, I couldn't get it working by using the normal workflow join + with...

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