Laracon-ish Asia?

Anyone based in East/South East Asia interested in organizing a meetup? I'm in Thailand but could fly out.

  • 3 years ago

what about a meet up in Israel? :)

tzookb said:

what about a meet up in Israel? :)

A bit too far away I'm afraid. :)

In Sapporo, Japan ;) Be interested in flying somewhere close but schedule and cash is an issue.

If you fly over I could take you all over town!

Cambodia? Or Singapore, Bangkok etc.

Hello I'm from Singapore, has there been any meetup or group?

Probably Sinhapore, Sri Lanka, or India,, tickets are cheap,.,. plenty of devlopers

What about here in Philippines? We got the fastest internet dude, average of 1MBPS for $25 a month what more can you ask for!(Sarcastic) Fly Me to Singapore please.

Fly to the philippines and lets work out for my thesis and be friends :D LARACON-PH :D HAHAHA

I'm from Vietnam and working in Tokyo now. Let's orginize Laracon Asia :))

i bought domain btw :) let me know if you guys are on a roll and want to organize it!