Laracon-ish Asia?

andreas-bergstrom posted 3 years ago

Anyone based in East/South East Asia interested in organizing a meetup? I'm in Thailand but could fly out.

tzookb replied 3 years ago

what about a meet up in Israel? :)

andreas-bergstrom replied 3 years ago

tzookb said:

what about a meet up in Israel? :)

A bit too far away I'm afraid. :)

illuminate3 replied 3 years ago

In Sapporo, Japan ;) Be interested in flying somewhere close but schedule and cash is an issue.

If you fly over I could take you all over town!

rutgerhensel replied 3 years ago

Cambodia? Or Singapore, Bangkok etc.

humpback replied 2 years ago

Hello I'm from Singapore, has there been any meetup or group?

astroanu replied 2 years ago

Probably Sinhapore, Sri Lanka, or India,, tickets are cheap,.,. plenty of devlopers

MarkMatute replied 2 years ago

What about here in Philippines? We got the fastest internet dude, average of 1MBPS for $25 a month what more can you ask for!(Sarcastic) Fly Me to Singapore please.

MarkMatute replied 2 years ago

Fly to the philippines and lets work out for my thesis and be friends :D LARACON-PH :D HAHAHA

chungth replied 1 year ago

I'm from Vietnam and working in Tokyo now. Let's orginize Laracon Asia :))

jpalala replied 1 year ago

i bought domain btw :) let me know if you guys are on a roll and want to organize it!

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