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Installation Configuration
Last updated 1 year ago.

And here's part 2

If you have any questions about that- let me know.


Way cool, thanks! :)


I've just been researching as I might need to deploy some Azure service soon - this is really handy @robopetr :)

Just one correction on the MS SQL PHP Support: 5.5 support was added in Nov 2014, and 5.6 support in March of this year:

Releases can be found on their GitHub page

(I think they've sped their development recently as a lot of people complained!)


Hi . I would like to know how to deploy a laravel app in Azure but your links are down :S . Please helpme !


How does Azure compare against AWS when it comes to performance and uptime? I have used Laravel on AWS and GCE with Cloudways platform ( ) and there was no significant performance difference. However, the platform uses custom stack on the servers, which include memcached, php-fpm, varnish, and redis, so it could be the reason for performance. The only reason why I would prefer AWS is because of its services like S3, EBS and Lightsail.


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