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Configuration Queues Architecture
Last updated 2 years ago.

After digging a little bit in the source code if figured out how to do it. In the QueueInterface there is the specification of the interface : /** * Push a new job onto the queue. * * @param string $job * @param mixed $data * @param string $queue * @return mixed */ public function push($job, $data = '', $queue = null);

So by the third parameter- which is not mentioned in the documentation - we could push to a specific queue.

and in the queue' configuration file we should add multiple declaration for the specific queue

for example redis

'redis' => array( 'driver' => 'redis', 'queue' => 'high', ),

'redis' => array( 'driver' => 'redis', 'queue' => 'low', ),

'redis' => array( 'driver' => 'redis', 'queue' => 'ultimate', ),

this 'low,high,ultimate' is what we specify in the third parameter of the push function.

finally we lunch the command : php artisan queue:listen --queue=low,hight,ultimate

so it will pick the jobs by their priority

hope it will help someone in the future.

Last updated 2 years ago.

mouradghafiri it just helped me! I came here to search on queue prioritisation, because I want to be able to prioritize creating PDF invoices before sending newsletter, so your post just helped me a lot! Thank you!

Last updated 2 years ago.

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