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In L5 the models files are situated inside "app" folder. Controler inside "app/Http/Controllers" and views inside "resources/views".


And models are based in the "app/" directory :)


You can put your model anywhere you like, it's up to you.


Basically, if you are going to learn Laravel 5. All Laravel 4 => USELESS to you. I feel like i'm learning from scratch with Laravel 5. I recommend Laracasts.


Come on ezos86.. The changes between Laravel 4 to Laravel 5 isn't 10% compared to what was the L3 -> L4 transition.

No one forces you to upgrade if you don't want to.


And a lot of the community were already using PSR-4 namespacing, not using model & controller folders for a long time in L4. The directory structure changes was reflecting what the community does, nothing more.


I highly recommend Laracasts, very good examples for L5.

ezos, L3 and L4 were like Codeigniter, built for small to big applications, a lot of helpers and useful techniques but they let the user implement bad workarounds for everything, driving them to a bunch of messy coding and no OOP. With L5 they are "obligated" to implement S.O.L.I.D principles which are the foundation for maintainable, easy to read applications.

(Sorry for my bad english)


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