Adding Data to database using Eloquent Model

Im new to laravel and i wish to add some data to my database, im following tutorial from Up And Running With Laravel, the problem is the version he is using is Laravel 4 and there is so much difference with Laravel 5, I kept ob having errors Class Not Found, refering to my Painting class which is a Eloquent Model, HELP ME PLEASE.

dnamotoring replied 3 years ago

Hopefully this example can guide you:


<?php namespace App\MyModels;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Painting extends Model {

    protected $connection = 'mysql';
    protected $primaryKey = 'id';
    protected $table = 'painting';
    protected $fillable = array(

    public $timestamps = false;



<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use App\MyModels\Painting;

class MyController extends Controller {

	public function index()
		$art = new Painting;
		$art->name = 'Mona Lisa';
		$art->artist = 'Leonardo de Vinci';
		$art->price = 300000000;


Make sure your mysql is setup with correct credentials in app\config\database.php and a painting table exists.

This should get you started.

rajanhossain replied 1 year ago

This worked really very well. I just started laravel and wanted to store data in db without going through a lot of reading.

Rustem Ibragimov replied 1 year ago

Thank you)))

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