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Hi All,

I am totally new to laravel framework. As of now I could setup laravel on my machine and I could get the start page. Can anyone suggest a link which gives guidance on laravel in creating forms and webapps? Also I want to create some modules like deposit, payments... Pls give me some link so that I can proceed further.

Thanks and Regards, Mohan.

Yelldon replied 3 years ago

I'm assuming you are using Laravel 5...

I might recommend a few books:

This is a good first step learning book:

This is technically for Laravel 4, but can get you antiquated with it:

But the new version is going to come out soon:

You can also check out Laracasts, specifically the Laravel 5 fundamentals:

And then from there, you can watch any of the other videos related to what you are trying to accomplish, though it will cost.

If you are looking for something free, I can give this blog link that does a pretty good job of giving the bare basics:

Edit: Sorry, that last one is more of changes from 4 to 5, so it might not be applicable in your situation.

PaulLejoy replied 3 years ago

Check out the page:, here you can learn some fundamentals of Laravel.

Also you can check out the video tutorials of Laravel @

I hope these tutorials will help you to get some idea.

kumarramalingam replied 3 years ago

Hello Mudradimohan,

Refer this links,


2 .

and simple todo application


parthp1808 replied 1 year ago
  1. If you like to watch videos then Laracasts is best for beginners.

  2. If you like to read book then "Laravel Up and Running" is best book for laravel for beginners

  3. If you like to read a tutorial then Laravel tutorial is latest for laravel 5.4 and best for beginner

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