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Authentication Security Eloquent
Last updated 7 months ago.

I just do not understand why this needs to be so complex, why cant u just add a isAdmin field, default it to false, if u want to exclude admins from lists, User::where('isAdmin','!=','true');

Last updated 7 months ago.

You can use contexts for this. To cut this short, just check this out Though I don't think this is the best implementation of this concept, still can be useful and point you in the right direction.

Last updated 7 months ago.

thanks jarek,

although its not quite what I'm after, there are a few queues i can take from it.

if it was an app just for me i wouldn't worry about just adding an is_admin db field and using this in every query.

the problem is hopefully the system will be used by plugin developers just like wordpress is, and i want to make it as simple for them as possible, while also making sure a simple thing like listing users excludes admins without the plugin author explicitly stating it from a security point of view.


would work fine, but i want admins to be listed on a "explicitly requested" basis and not during normal user calls.

thinking about it this way is there a way within the model to always add a where clause to any call to the model?

is there like a build query event or something like that?

Last updated 7 months ago.

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