Javascript event not working after load a new table with jquery load and laravel

I have a table(displayTable) that display data from my db of am using laravel on the i have a link jquery list for an event of click now part of the click event is to run a $.load request to url which i did with laravel etc. now the table (displayTable) will be loaded. but when that happen jquery event listener doesn't work. on the table.

~~~<div class="displayTable content table-responsive"> @include('partials.dataTable')


my $.load url go to a controller that get the same data from the table return the data to the same 'partials.dataTable' view hence that same table is added to the DOM replacing the former one. ~~~$('div.displayTable ').fadeOut('slow')$('div.displayTable ').load('someurl')$('div.displayTable ').fadeIn('slow') ~~~

dagogodboss replied 1 year ago Solution

I just added the $.event listener to my table view file

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