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Database Eloquent Installation
Last updated 1 year ago.

Generally that means a type error between the two columns. I think there is a problem is the "models" table as the user_id on it might not be unsigned because there's a spelling error on the "->unsigned()" which would prevent it from being an unsigned int like on the "model_photosets" table. Check your database to confirm if you have the right data type on the models table.


rowright said:

Thanks for the answer. I tried to correct the spelling error in the type name (table models) and completely remove it, but it did not help me :c

Last updated 6 years ago.


Follow below steps:

  1. Run migration first for 'photoset_categories' and 'models'
  2. Run migration for 'model_photosets' once above step 1) migration done

Here, the problem is your 'model_photosets' table migration run before the foreign key table migration(i.e. 'photoset_categories' and 'models')

Hope this works for you!


saurabhd said:

Hi! Thanks for the answer. I did everything as you said, but the error remained. I noticed a feature: when I change foreign key user_id to id it works. But this is not what I need.


Use below code in your CreateModelPhotosetsTable migration file

class CreateModelPhotosetsTable extends Migration
    * Run the migrations.
    * @return void
   public function up()
       Schema::create('model_photosets', function (Blueprint $table) {


Hope this work for you !


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