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Last updated 2 years ago.

I've solved the above issue but ran into another with that same thread.

It says to make the default database mysql_tenant, but when people access the site with a subdomain such as it will try and look in the tenants table for the subdomain field of 123. Of course the default database is set to mysql_tenant and not the _admin one which contains the tenant table.

So when the following is executed it complains that the 123.tenants table doesn't exist which is correct.

$tenant = Tenant::where('subdomain', '=', $subdomain)->first();

Now this bit of code will only ever need to access the tenants table within the _admin database instance so i should be able to manually tell it which database connection to use. I've tried using something like;

$tenant = DB::connection('mysql')->Tenant::where('subdomain', '=', $subdomain)->first();

But this doesnt work, any tips on the right syntax?

For completness, this is the filter im using.

Route::filter('verifyTenant', function($route, $request) 
    $host = $request->getHost();
    $parts = explode('.', $host);
    $subdomain = $parts[0];

    # Ping DB for tenant match. Note that my Tenant model directs laravel to ping the tenant table in the master db to verify tenant
    $tenant = Tenant::where('subdomain', '=', $subdomain)->first();

    # If tenant database exists but tenant not in master db, redirect to homepage
    if ($tenant == null) return Redirect::to('http://www.'.Config::get('app.domain'));
Last updated 2 years ago.

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