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Configuration Architecture
Last updated 2 years ago.

If you are using L5, I assumed that you already looked at this:

I think you can skip the "Adding it to Laravel composer.json" and do this instead:

| Register The Workbench Loaders
| The Laravel workbench provides a convenient place to develop packages
| when working locally. However we will need to load in the Composer
| auto-load files for the packages so that these can be used here.
if (is_dir($workbench = __DIR__.'/../workbench'))

That would be on the boostrap/autoload.php. In your case, 'workbench' there would be 'packages' or 'modules' etc.

Please note that I haven't done this yet on L5, Im just digging up the codes straight from git ;)

Last updated 9 years ago.

I hadn't seen that, thanks @beanmoss!

That's really helpful :)

I think the Laravel docs could really do with another section, something that puts all the good "removed" stuff in one place, as these are all fairly common tasks developers would like to undertake.

So what if it's not "core" - it's useful - put em in the docs at least!



Alternatively, you can have a look at Studio to create your packages. I use it in combination with this composer plugin to share the development version on all the projects I need it on.


Very nice.

As soon as I have time after this deadline, I'm going to check that out.



I think you already knew this... or may be out of your point... Just for reference.


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