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You replace it

use App\Http\Controllers\Auth\Request;


use Request;

Hi tuyenlaptrinh

I was a bit nervous about posting because Jimgwhit doesn't seem to like newbies posting (was he never a newbie?), but some times its the only way we can get over a hurdle.

So thank you so much for helping me

Regards Marea xxxxx


Ohhh :)

I think, with a coder, a developer. We will be to a researcher, googler ....:D

I am a user like you. I don't have any permission :)

But i think he's a young man

I'm vietnamese. So sorry for my poor english

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Ah ha, caught a newbie posting, hey just kidding.


@jimgwhit: Sometime we have comfortable with newbies Laravel (I'm a newbie) to make strong communities

May be they don't have any keywords for search.

Like me. Because my english was poor. Sometime, i can't think any keywords for solutions :)


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