Using PasswordBroker in Lumen

paroxp posted 4 years ago

Hi there!

I'm falling down with some Lumen issues here and I thought someone may be able to help me out.

I am trying to mimic the Laravel 5 Authentication system with Password Reminders. As far as I got, everything is working fine. But when it comes to "Forgot Password", Lumen fails to render anything. So:

I've got my routes, such as:

    $app->get('password', '[email protected]');
    $app->post('password', '[email protected]');
    $app->get('password/reset/{token}', '[email protected]');
    $app->post('password/reset', '[email protected]');

Of course, my route group specifies, the prefix and namespace, which is not a problem.

As soon as I go to /password I get the blank white page. No errors are being recorded nor printed on the page itself. The problem dissolves, when I comment out the PasswordBroker instance.

public function __construct(Guard $auth/*, PasswordBroker $passwords*/)
    $this->auth = $auth;
    // $this->passwords = $passwords;


Again, I'm just trying to mimic the Laravel 5 Authentication system, which means I'm copying things like: Controllers, Middleware, Provider, Traits, Services and Migrations.

Login and Registration works just fine.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?


paroxp replied 4 years ago Solution

Not PasswordBroker at all...

Just lack of "illuminate/mail" package.

I guess lumen isn't that good in error reporting :(

dagonar replied 3 years ago

Did you manage to implement the password reset system on Lumen? Any hints on doing so?

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