PHPSTORM with laravel homestead

Hello Guys,

Am new to laravel homestead framework. Have successfully installed laravel homestead 5 and configure the homestead.yaml file, but i want to start coding. Please which IDE am i going to use to achieve this? Do i need to install IDE. I will love to use phpstorm. Please i will be glad if anybody can put me through this and show me step by step on how to achieve this.

Thanks and Regards, Ladi

Ladi247 replied 2 years ago

I need help on this, how am i going to use phpstorm with my laravel homestead 5.2 that i just installed.

Please i need help

paslandau replied 1 year ago

Hey Ladi247,

here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with PhpStorm, Laravel, Homestead, Xdebug and PHPUnit. It basically comes down to setting up the correct deployment configuration and using that config as remote PHP interpreter.

callpri replied 1 year ago

I recommend to try Codelobster with special Laravel plug-in:

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