Laravel 5 - Internal Pages giving Not Found Error

rizwankk posted 11 months ago

Actually I am deploying my laravel 5 Application on Linode Server. My client create space for me in such type of path.


I point out my godaddy domain to abcproject directory.

Now I have uploaded my all Laravel 5 files on abcproject directory.

My issue is that , my home page is working fine but my internal pages are giving Not Fount Error.

Suppose when I try to logged in it is giving below error.

Not Found The requested URL /abcproject/login was not found on this server.

Secondly Laravel 5 URL is getting url like that.

Supposed URL.

I did not understand where is and what is the issue.

One thing is my project is working fine when I try such type of URL. But In this case my URL Rewriting did not work but project is working like I can logged in, go in different pages, Logout etc.


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