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No one? plz


first of all u have to describe how to connect tables;

in your Market model

public function Calendar ()
     return $this->hasOne( 'App\Calendar' ); //or hasMany ( up to you, its about application how to work logic )

after, you can call market item with calendar or calendars

$markets = App\Market::with('Calendar')->get();

Add this method in your Calendar modal

public function isOpen() {
     if ( $this->event == 'open') return true;
     return false;

public function isClose() {
     if ( $this->event == 'close') return true;
     return false;

public function isPromo() {
     if ( $this->event == 'promo') return true;
     return false;

its ready to use in your blade;

@foreach ( $markets as $item)
       <td>{{ item->name }}</td>
       <td>{{ item->Calendar->isOpen() ? 'Opened' : 'Closed or Promoted' }}</td>

Ah, so I don't have to use some package like this one: ??


There is no package used in my code. Its modals and laravel eloquent magic


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